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Kai Serum focuses on powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, exfoliating, healing and repairing botanicals to combat acne-prone skin. The exceptional skin-healing benefits of aloe vera oil, orchid oil, passion fruit oil, wild rose oil, papaya seed oil, tamanu oil, kukui nut oil, seaweed oil sea buckthorn, honey, and essential myrrh oil with strong plant extracts from Amazon lily, hibiscus, passion flower and guava improve the natural balance and the overall health of the skin.



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* Aloe Vera Oil (Aloe barbadensis Leaf Extract), Passion Fruit Seed Oil (Passiflora edulis), Kukui Nut Oil (Aleurites moluccanus), Papaya Seed Oil (Carica papaya), * Hibiscus Extract (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Flower), * Organic Rose Hip Oil (Rosa Canina Fruit), * Amazonian Lily Extract (Victoria amazonica Flower), Orchid Oil (Orchis Mascula), Algae Oil, * Honeysuckle Oil (Lonicera japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower), * Organic Passionflower Extract (Passiflora incarnata), Sea Buckthorn Oil (Hippophae rhamnoides L.), * Guava Extract (Psidium guajava Fruit), Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum inophyllum), Jasmine Phytoscent (Jasminum officinale (Jasmine) Oil), Myrrh Essential Oil (Commiphora myrrha), Mango Phytoscent (Mangifera indica Mango) Fruit Extract).

* Oil Extract with Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil

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