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I am happy to present my children’s clothing line HONU (turtle in Hawaiian) collection.


Have inspired me, with original fabrics from Hawaii.

These colorful fabrics make me happy and I think it fits now also in this difficult time to bring a little color into life.

                                          There are 6 different models for boys and girls 


Modell Nr. 1     2 Teiler, aus Hösli und Röckli    CHF 65.00  (ca. 3 Jahre)

Modell Nr. 2    Röckli für grössere Mädchen    CHF 59.00 (ca. 6 Jahre – ohne Hösli)

Modell Nr. 3     T-Shirt                CHF 10.00  (6 Mt. bis 7 Jahre)

                       Hösli                  CHF 39.00

                       Hawaiihemd        CHF 59.00


Modell Nr. 4    Babykomplett.         CHF 61.00  (4 Mt. bis 15 Mt.)

Modell Nr. 5.   Latzhosen kurz        CHF 61.00  (for boy’s and girl’s)

Modell Nr. 6.  Latzhosen lang         CHF 63.00 (for boy’s and girl’s)


                                                                                     HAWAII FABRICS 

                                                 The colorful fabrics you can choose and are numbered below from 1 to 22.

                                              I do not always have enough stock of each fabric, but the selection is still large. 


                                                   For questions or orders, please contact me. 

                                        By email info@unraggiodisole.ch or by phone 079 744 66 77